Being a model of performance and technological innovation in the packaging industry


Thanks to the characteristics that distinguish us, we guide customers in the evolutionary process of automation

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We are a  specialized team in designing and manufacturing automated packaging machines and lines for industrial rolls and folded products), insulating panels, thermoformed and shapemold products.

Our story began  over 40 years ago with few resources and small projects, but with the aims, we have reached, to create a solid and cohesive international business reality, to support the economic and social development of the local area.

Since 1981 we have been working for producing value and today we are recognized from our customers as a leading global player in the automated packaging industry.

What we offer:

  • A solid and important wealth of experience and expertise
  • A constant commitment for research, development and innovation
  • A consolidated and selected network of partners

How we work:

We work with the costumer, starting with an analysis of his needs, and even before, of his target market, to engineer innovative and efficient solutions.

We continue to support the costumer, with a targeted and qualified after sales service. So we create strong, long-lasting and profitable relationships that are always our main strength.

We are based in Bologna which boasts a strong specialization, recognized worldwide, in the mechanical and automation industries.